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Lenses essay

My name is Corinne Yates, I live on Earth. I’ve lived on earth my whole life, born and raised. I live here with my mom; my mom always told me she only picked earth because she loved green stuff. But myself I would rather live on mars, because I like red stuff and its always warm there, unlike earth that has different weather. I am a surgeon, I operate on transplanting eyes. I don’t like what I do, but I help a lot of pilots and save dozen of lives. I used to be an ambulance pilot, I liked that job better than mine now, but there is a flaw with being an ambulance pilot. You could ruin your eyes, and then you’ll need to get them transplanted; and that’s why I quit that job and also found my new job. It took a while to become a surgeon about 4 years of education, without the new chip insert you could get implanted in your brain to learn everything you need to in 5 seconds.

I’m a 28 years old African American female, with bright blue eyes I don’t wear to much makeup, usually a light rose blush and clear lip gloss; and eyeliner and mascara, eye brow filler and foundation. Well I guess that is a lot of makeup but I make it look lie am not wearing a lot I’m quite good at applying my makeup.
I have afro like black hair, about an inch under my shoulder in length. I like to tie up my hair because it’s so frizzy and it annoys me sometimes. My casual wear style is usually a tang-top with a beater over top, with jeans and my Van shoes. But when I’m working I wear my scrubs; I like fashion, I read a lot of those kinds of books and magazines.

I’m hard worker and very dedicated when it comes to commitments, I’m very confident in the work I do, and very serious. I really don’t like to be vain but I’m very smart, I work hard and get it done. Sometimes I think I’m too emotional, I cry a lot. But I heard it’s good to be