Essay on Length and Longboards

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Longboards are absolutely the most amazing ride of your life. Longboards are skateboards that boast a wider and longer body. They are commonly used for competitive riding, transportation, slalom, and exhibition purposes. All types of longboards consist of wheels, deck, trucks, and bearings that vary in size, which can be determined by the type of riding that you are planning to do with them. Longboards can be made of materials like carbon fiber, maple or birch wood, and synthetic fiber glass. If you like cruising, you can benefit from the pintail types of longboards. They are generally suitable for cruising on flatlands and can be used as means for downhill bombing and transportation. Pintail longboards are characterized by their narrow appearance. They are around 9 inches in width and 48 inches in length. Their trucks are located on the ends of both sides and they have riser pads that are semi-slanted to take deeper turns. Amateurs may have a hard time maneuvering pintails. But if you like street riding, you can opt for a lowrider longboard with decks that have wood laminate that is durable and a low profile that is appropriate for pushing and carving. The trucks of lowriders are located near the tips for better stability and control. Wheels add traction support for different surfaces like gravel, water, and all types of surfaces. Consider your purpose for riding when choosing between these types of longboards. Recreational riders can benefit from those that are made from natural wood for durability while exhibition or competitive riders can opt for carbon fiber or fiberglass that can handle jumps, blows, and fast speeds. Downhill bombing or