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Vladimir Lenin
In the city of Simbirsk on April 22, 1870 Vladimr Lenin was born. He was a wealthy boy whose parents were very loyal to the czar. Lenin was a very good student in school. His childhood was great until death of his father(Naden, 17). The way he dealt with this was by focusing hard on his studies. Then another event happened his older brother was arrested and later killed for plotting to kill the czar.
Lenin was accepted into Kazan University in St. Petersburg which was a very good university. At Kazan he heard there were meetings being held about living conditions (23). He was only a spectator but none the less was expelled and sent to exile. When he was expelled he started getting rebellious ideas. Life was peaceful he spent most of his time reading political literature and trying to figure out the meaning for his brother’s attempted assassination.
One day Lenin was looking for a book and found one that caught his eye a book written by Karl Marx on communist theory. A few months after exile he returned to Kazan but was not allowed to attend the university(25). Even though he could not attend the university he was still able to study for a law exam on his own in St. Petersburg. His sole resource were books to obtain information, despite that handy-cap he was still able to finish a four year course in one year.
Lenin was not a full-fledged revolutionary but was intrigued by Marx’s and was deffinetly a follower of him (28). Lenin was starting to take place with revolutionary discussions with people who also disagreed with Russia’s political and economic system. He disagreed with some of their ideas and decided to shape his own doctrine. Even though Marx’s included helping the poor and making everyone equal Lenin would not help the poor to make the government look bad.
Lenin got a job as a public defenfender to check on conditions of Russia’s poorest districts (29). Months later with enough knowledge and information he decided to make a socialist organization called The Union for the Struggle for the Liberation. After many requests Lenin was finally given a passport and went to Europe. Lenin met with a prestigious revolutionary in Geneva. He then went back home and distributed many pamphlets was caught and was sentenced fourteen months in jail in September 1895. The government feared Lenin