Lenin Leadership Qualities

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Lenin was a main character in Russia during the time. The statement is accurate to the extent where Lenin used more terror to lead Russia than by his leadership qualities. This is shown in source A, where Lenin is demanding the widespread of terror. However Lenin leadership qualities were of top quality which in source D displays that he is an excellent leader because he is great at convincing his ideas to the people of Russia.

Lenin demanded the use of violence throughout the time he had power in Russia. Source A validates that Lenin demanded violence, "We must encourage energy and widespread terror". Lenin encouraged terror/violence as a solution because of the press saying the Bolsheviks (Lenin the leader of the party) are weak which is also shown in source A "think we're all milksop a". Lenin called this terror "revolutionary justice". Source B shows that terror was essential and of right doing as it from a "higher ideal". He believe that the actions of terror was absolutely correct.

Lenin sees the Russian people as just a number which indicates that the people were part of Lenin experiment. In source C, terror is shown as the people of Russia is Redford to being "used as material" in Lenin
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In source C, Lenin is named a "gifted man" because of his leadership qualities he had; morality, merciless and arrogance. Lenin's way wasn't questioned, it was simply allowed which is showed in source D that his decisions were "legitimate and respectable" - this also indicates that Lenin was extremely good at convincing people to believe which is classified as a good leadership quality. Lenin had powerful qualities, in source E it named the qualities; "humaneness", "purposefulness, realism, common sense, will-power". The people of Russia treated Lenin well. In source F, " He remained true to a single idea and single aim" - Lenin was praised due to this, due to his leadership