Lenovo: Brand Observation Portfolio Essay

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Brand Observation Portfolio

Under the guidance of Prof. Ravi Shanker

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Table of contents
Introduction 3
Understanding the market and competition 4
STP Analysis 5 Segmentation 5 Demographic 5 Psychographic 5 Targeting 5 Targeting Rationale 5 Positioning 5
Product Strategy 7
Advertising 11
Promotion 13 Brands in the Lenovo space 13 Promotion Strategy 13 Impact of Promotion and Future Outlook 13
Channel Strategy 15 Channels of Distribution 15 Physical Distribution 16 Lenovo Customer Support 17 Distribution Strategy 18
Pricing Strategy 19 Alternate Pricing Strategy 20
Product Life Cycle and New
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The strong relational business, accounting 60% in India is on the same lines as of China. The after sales spread that Lenovo enjoyed in China bodes similar prospects for the company in India. It currently is concentrating on consolidating the distribution network in India to take on the market.
Tagline:”New World. New thinking.”
The focus of the company in positioning its laptop can be gauged by their mission statement:
“We are now one company with one goal: To build the best, most innovative products in the world. To use world-class economics to put new and better technology in the hands of more people, by innovating on cost the same way we innovate on technology. To focus our energy and our commitment on the success and trust of our customers.”
The company positions itself as a manufacturer of computer laptops that innovate to suit the requirements of its users. This is further bolstered by the launch of its new range of laptop: The Ideapad, alongside its range of Thinkpad –positioned as business laptops and Essential Notebooks- positioned as laptops engineered for value. The main contention, says Amar Babu, is to provide power to consumers in terms of value, not cheap computers.

Product Strategy

Lenovo has a diverse range of computing products on offer. As our focus is on only Lenovo laptops, we are only considering the category “Notebooks & Netbooks”. This category has three product types; ThinkPads, Ideapads and Essentials. Each of