Leo Prideon: A Short Story

Words: 1634
Pages: 7

The dark cloud approaches, bringing darkness to Earth as the vicious storm destroys life. The wind howls through the tree, cutting up every leave as the rain mercilessly shot it to the ground. The thunder shrieks as if to deafen the human ear as the lightning that follows pierce and burn the eye. Fighting with the darkness of the storm was a little street light, its sparse flame struggling to light up the dark dreary night.
Under the illumination , a silhouette of a person approaches the cemetery. Although the environment was cool due to the ferocious storm, the atmosphere surrounding Leo Prideton was scorching hot as he comes out of the shadow. Leo was never liked by anyone ever since his birth, he was born a progeny that result from his
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Leo look around the room, observing every little detail until it hit him that this is the exact same room in which his father sleeps every night. The walls are painted white with red spatters. The old closet stood straight in its corner, towering over the drawers that looks like they are about to pop out. On top of the drawers is a painting of his father, the only millionaire in the region. He stands tall in the black suit, hands on his cane, his eyes slightly slanted downwards shows a hint of condescension. The painting was gigantic as it covers almost the entire walls. One thing that troubled Leo are the patterns of the wall edges, rather than figures of angel, it is replace with figures of devil. Suddenly, a gust of wind cease the fire on the chandelier.
Leo adjusts his eyes to the darkness and he is surprise by the changes that occurred within the room. The room is a huge mess compare to the one before. From the moonlight that peeps into the room, you can spot that the closest has fall over, smashing the drawers into pieces. The painting hangs slanted on the wall. Strange smells like rotten flesh fills the air. The chandelier still dangling above his head but it looks like it is about to fall any