Leon's Story By Walter Tillage: Civil Rights

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Civil Rights Essay

“The way they looked at it in those days was, you were colored, so all you needed to learn was how to read and write your name” Roth (31). From the end of the Civil War, through 1968, African Americans fought endlessly for equal rights. Many brave men and women took a stand against the entire nation and risked the wrath of millions for what is right. Millions put their lives on the line to combat the law to better the community. The era of the Civil Right movement was one of our nation's lowest times that shall never be repeated.
History is a major component to our society because we can look at the past and judge what will and will not work to solve problems. We must never let the bad times in history be repeated. In Leon’s Story by Walter Tillage, the main character Leon did not live the desired life. He spent most of his life living in fear from the town's civilians, police, and klansmen. In his younger years Leon and his family sharecropped land for many
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“They treated us like people.”(Roth 38). People withstood unfair treatment everyday until it became “normal”. If someone said something polite to them they considered the act a big deal. The one character I felt closest to was Leon. Even though direct discrimination is no longer a major problem in today's society there are some characteristics I am able to relate to. There are small characteristics such as he is a “go with the flow” person type of person as I am. Leon also acquires bigger qualities such as he always tries to find the good in a bad situation or bad people. After Leon got vicious dogs released on him, he found the strength to forgive the man for he did not understand right from wrong. Fortunately Leon never returned to work for him. Roth (83) Leon grew up with violence and fear of the KKK, but he never let that go to his