History Of The Anatolian Leopard

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Anatolian Leopard

The Anatolian leopard (Panthera pardus tulliana), also called the Asia Minor leopard, is a leopard subspecies native to southwestern Turkey. Its continued existence is uncertain. These leopards can go from 3 to 6 feet. Also, there weight range is from about 65 to 150 pounds. The Anatolian leopard looks like any other leopard, but after a lot of analyzing and studying it was realized that it has a single different specimen.

(An Anatolian leopard watching over other animals.) Most of these leopard were seen around 1993-2002. During these times, they were usually found in the Eastern Pontic Mountains. The things they mostly ate were roe deer, chamois, wild goats, wild boar, mountain hare and Caucasian grouse. The elusive leopard still survives in certain remote areas of Turkey, but, for a while it was considered endangered because of lack of food and because throughout the 20th century many of these leopards were caught in tiger-traps and relentlessly killed by buckshot’s. If these leopards were to go extinct, we would lose a lot. First, we would have way too many wild goats, and second the goats would devour most grass, which would cause fewer crops. You know what less crops means? Less food and less food means starvation. And, starvation means death. If people were to die from starvation we would a much smaller human race. Before harming a leopard, think about it. You are killing a whole population of animals and people.

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