Leopard Man Argument

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The Sociology of Leopard Man: Argument essay Have you ever been a conformist or nonconformist who wants to know how to be both? In the article “The Sociology of Leopard man,” by Logan Feys, he talks about whether or not to be human is to be an individual human . Although to be an individual is the thing that makes us human, people should not surrender their individuality to the will of the majority because our differences are valuable, conformity takes away our individuality, and because everyone conforms/rebels in different ways, making us unique.
Everyone has their own special and unique feature that they bring to society and that's what makes our differences valuable. In this article, Feys revisits the idea of what it means to be an individual being. “To be human is to be an individual human, with individual tastes, talents, values, and aspirations that are distinct from those of others (feys 1).” Living in a conforming society can take away your tastes and talents that make you unique. On the contrary, some people say that if humans have more in common there would be more peace and/or could bring communities together. However, society changes constantly with new looks,
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If you find the right balance between fully conforming and fully non-conforming, your mind should be able to escape the psychological pressures of society. “Conformity can be seen as the world's most common but dangerous psychological disorder. (Feys 1)” because of people's tendencies to conform to the drinkers, smokers, partiers, Anorexic “normal people,” it will eventually change their individuality. Recent studies from pop-psychologists question whether or not the desire to fit in has less to these self caused disorders. If this is true, people should take these studies as a sign to not surrender their individuality to the will of the