Leopold And Loeb's Role In Clarence Darrow

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Leopold & Loeb’s mental state played a huge role in Clarence Darrow getting them out of the death penalty. They were brought to a hotel where they were questioned by the State’s Attorney Robert E. Crowe (Aymar and Sagarin 360). Leopold was questioned first, he did not break and he stuck to Loeb and his plan. As Aymar and Sagarin states, their plan was that they would stick to there story and their alibi for a certain amount of time, and once the time was up they would tell the truth. Loeb was next for questioning and Crowe did not get anything out of him either. The next day consisted of them being taken to the State’s Attorney’s office, where the were questioned again. Loeb was eventually the one that broke and told the truth (360). As Aymar …show more content…
He would add to a list boys names that he wanted to make his slaves (364). Once Loeb and him became friends, leopold changed his mind and would allow Loeb to be the king to him being the slave. As Aymar and Sagarin states, Leopold only did the crime to keep his friendship with Loeb. However Loeb agreed to have sexual relations with Leopold if he would help in the murder (365). Finally the Judge examined all of the notes on their evaluations, and he decided that they were mentally unstable. And by them not being right in the head he sentenced them rather them giving them the death penalty: “Life plus 99 years” (Andy Koopmans 93). As Koopmans points out, they were sent to the Illinois State Penitentiary For Men that was in Joliet, Illinois. Loeb after some years was sent to another prison called Stateville, and Leopold stayed at Joliet. Leopold eventually got sent to Stateville where him and Loeb became friends again (90-91). All seemed to be good with the two, until something bad happened: “Loeb was attacked with a razor by inmate James Day, his cellmate. Later claiming Loeb had attempted to sexually attack him, Day had slashed Loeb from fifty-six to fifty-eight times” (Koopmans