Leprosy: Leprosy and Highest Disease Prevalence Essay

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Leprosy Outline * Overview of the disease * Hansen’s Disease- named after G.A. Hansen who identified the disease * Upon enlarging, they appear dark around the edges and pale in the middle * Not highly communicable and extremely slow to develop. * Medical personnel caring for Hansen’s disease are not at risk * Is described as a non fatal, chronic infectious diseases caused by mycobacterium leprae. * 50% of leprosy patients have a history of intimate contact with an infected person. * 1 million to 2 million people of the worlds are permanently disabled as a result o Hansen’s disease. * Graphics of Distribution * In 1997 about 90,000 people in the world were infected 70% were found in India, Indonesia and Myanmar Burma). Acquired in western hemisphere as well, Caribbean, South Texas and Louisiana. * 96 cases in the USA in 2002 75,000 New cases all over the world. * 2002 Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nepal as having 90% of the world’s cases. * Africa has the highest disease prevalence * Asian has the most cases * Background Information * Laprae produces no know toxins and is well adapted to penetrate and reside within macrophages; it might survive outside the body for 7-10 days. * Disease caused by a bacillus called mycobacterium Laprae * There are two types Type 1 and 2 * Clinical Features. * Mainly transmitted by the aerosol spread of nasal secretions. * Skin lesions and nerve damage are the main clinical features or the disease. * Blindness resulting from destruction of peripheral nerves * Destruction of nerve endings= prone to more injury and gangrene. * Curable but long term. * Lesion on the skin first appears flat and red. * Deterioration of hands and causing them to fall off. * Type 1 leprosy