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Company profile

The Montreal Alouettes, also known as the Als, are a professional Canadian football team playing for the East division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). The original team, known as the Baltimore Stallions and established in Baltimore was founded in 1872 but was renamed as the Montreal Alouettes in 1946. They are now established in Montreal and their home stadium is the Percival-Molson Stadium of McGill University .

Up until now, they have won the Grey Cup seven times and count on the talent of the best quarterback in the CFL: Anthony Calvillo. They had become one of the most successful teams in the CFL history of this century. Brand and Product description

Successfully purchasing a group ticket, the customers are able to redeem family and student prices. In addition to the offers, Montreal Alouettes offer corporate packages, which includes the Luxury Suits or either Marquises TELUS.

In order for the football team to receive sponsors and customer focus, it is essential that they sell tickets to fill up the stadium so that they are able to offer the discounts to the customers.

Also, tickets are not the only fundamental that plays a factor in generation of revenue, but garments/accessories i.e. jerseys tops, caps and flags etc. All these elements supply a factor to increase for the football team revenue and brand awareness.

By offering products to customers, it is such a lucrative factor not only for customers, but the football team too as they will be well known on whom they as a football team; how reputable they are and also the souvenirs that they have to offer that will create a great memories for the football fans.

Consumer profile

Montreal Alouettes tend to target many different segments of customers. Individual buyers have the power to decide which game they would like to be interested in seeing. This category of clients is diversified, as tickets are available to anyone willing to buy them. They can be families, friends, tourists, older people, etc. The company dedicated a complete section to families (section N2) by offering low prices to children and adults. Also, discounts are available for students in the end zone sections.

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