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Less tv Although everyone spends most of their time watching television, we should all restrict the number of hours we watch TV daily. We would get more exercise, communication skills among young people would improve and student achievement would increase.
Less TV means everyone would get more exercise and decrease obesity because we would spend more time exercising. Not everybody can get out and do things because of being tired from working all day , being broke ,depression ,health issues and the weather also gets in the way too, so we just watch TV all day instead. But for any reason you should turn off your TV and invite friends and family over just to do anything instead of doing nothing at all. Survey says that obesity would decrease if you watch less TV. When I get told to stop watching TV I go outside and exercise. It’s crazy because now we have little TVs hooked up to our treadmills so we can watch TV while we’re exercising. It’ll make you feel good if you turn off the TV and get up off the couch even if it’s just to go to the bathroom because your body needs some sort of exercise everyday. I think everyone should turn off their TVs and exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. I believe you will definitely gain weight if all you do is watch TV all day. Watch TV for two hours or less and then spend the rest of the day outside. Communication skills among young people would improve because they would spend more time visiting. Yes, most families spend their time together watching TV, but we should all turn off the TV and be in each others company. When my parents need to get things done or need to talk about something, they don’t because they are too distracted by the TV that they can’t even listen to each other and that affects their relationship. Last week I realized we always watch TV like 24/7. My family can’t even have a long lasting nice conversation and we don’t even sit at the table all together for a meal anymore because everybody is more interested on what’s on TV. Also last night my mom was talking to me and I realized I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying because the TV was on. I asked her if I could turn it off and when I did I actually listened and looked at her and understood her and that made me think that the TV is a huge distraction and it’s affecting my family relationship. We turn off the TV at my grandma’s house when we are eating a meal so we can have a nice conversation and so we can all sit down together without any distractions. I think without the TV my family would be a lot closer. It makes me sad that we can’t even sit down all together at the table when we are eating .It also makes me sad that when we do talk it’s about what’s on…