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1. Is every Christian to be an evangelist, or only those so gifted? What is the difference between giftedness and responsibility?
Exodus 35:4-35. God gives us our giftedness it is our responsibility to use it appropriately. When Israel was brought out of Egypt they brought with them all types of gifts, which were given to them by the Egyptians in accordance with God’s word. Later God asked Israel to use those gifts in order for God’s presence to be with them and as part of the process for remission of sin. God never asked Israel for anything that he had not already given them. Beyond the physical things, God gave certain people the knowledge and skill to complete the task he had asked them to do. As a Christian, we must be willing to use the gifts God has given us in order to fulfil his will. Not every Christian should, will, or can become a pastor but all have a message to deliver and it must be delivered every day.
2. How can those in “secular” jobs be engaged in Christ’s kingdom? What does this look like in everyday terms? Christians in secular jobs can engage in Christ’s kingdom by putting on the complete armor of God, and following the steps of 2 Chronicles 7:14 each day.
3. How does a Christian walk in the Holy Spirit? What does this involve in practice?
Just as Paul said, we must die daily to self. Life in the Holy Spirit requires a death of our old self. It involves a denial of carnal urges and an understanding and yearning for the will of God.
4. Why is it…