Lesson 1 Lab Essay

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1. (10 points) Write out your pre-lab prediction, including what evidence or previous knowledge you have to support that prediction.

--Answer below:
Things "rising" and "setting" give the appearance of something rising or setting. In reality objects like the Sun or Moon aren't physically rising from the horizon. Most of the motions we see in the sky are caused by the Earth's motion, both its rotation and orbital motion. So all of the "motions" described below are really apparent motions and not really an indication of how things are actually moving, but how they appear to move.

2. (5 points) How long does light take to travel to the Earth from the moon?

--Answer below:

As the Moon is 400,000 km from the Earth and the speed of light
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Fall is the Northern Hemisphere's season with the fewest constellations. El Cajon, CA 1:26 AM.

11. (10 points) Using the skills you learned in this activity, determine which star was the last pole star prior to Polaris and which star will be the next pole star.

--Answer below:

I believe Cepheus is the last pole star prior to Polaris and the next pole star will be Errai will become the northern pole star around 4000 AD and Alderamin will take its turn around 7500 AD.

12. (10 points) Write your post-lab prediction. Go back to your original prediction; revise and revisit your thoughts. Be sure to answer each of the following questions:
a. Was your evidence or previous knowledge used to answer your initial prediction accurate?
b. How do you know this evidence or previous knowledge was accurate?
c. Reformulate your prediction to either correct or better develop your thoughts. d. Be sure to support your new prediction statement with what you have learned during the lab.

--Answer below:

My initial prediction was vague. I know now that the galaxy is an amazing place. Most of my prediction was accurate, yet I still have a lot to learn. Knowing the facts about rising and setting are only part of what else is important. Most motions are caused by the Earth and the orbital motion. I didn't know to much about the Season's before and the impact they have on constellations. I did know the importance of objects moving and