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The strategies mentioned are effective and can be supported by understanding that the company must focus on the promotion of products. A company needs to identify the benefits of a product by emphasizing the physical material and the features that makes the product pleasing to the consumer. In marketing, you only have a short time span to reach the customer. I believe that it is import to represent the customer’s perspective to secure a full understanding of what is being sold. There are so many choices that a consumer can choose from so it’s important to give an accurate impression at first glance.
When I read the first mission statement given in the article, I read right through it and immediately had questions but kept reading because I have to complete this assignment. I kept reading without giving it a second thought since the statement didn’t go into detail nor did it give me reasons why I would need a laser product. I don’t know the latest laser technique is or what is a six sigma process and I didn’t care. I get annoyed reading some of the things companies chose to display on a website. It can be so cheesy and not every unique. I believe it can be helpful to be creative and not talk about the endless loyalty. It’s played out! I feel like the company wants to fall in love with me and I can’t deal with companies and people making me feel like I need to pledge the same. The second example gives a better flow and keeps the customer in mind. I believe the