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My name is Christina Hitt. I am a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother. I have a fulltime job working remotely for a physician in Florida. I am also enrolled in Penn Foster, taking the Healthcare Management course. My approach to balancing my studies with all the above has become a difficult task as my life has now taken a 90 degree turn. I am now in Fairbanks, Alaska and for those that don’t know that is a four hour time difference from where I was before and from where I was when I started my studies. Now the task of balancing all of this has become even more difficult to manage. As you will be able to notice, I don’t have a per say schedule for balancing my daily life and school as it is very hard at this time to do and even if I don’t have a schedule I can say I know that I can do it and will do it. So, I will begin by saying, I am a strong woman who can do anything that is put in front of her. My faith in the Lord and support from my family gets me through my day. I need to first explain how my life has changed so drastically. I have two daughters who were pregnant at the time of me starting school. My youngest, Molly who lives in Florida and had her son at the end of June 2014, made for a trip from my current location, which was Iowa at that time, to help her and of course see my new grandson. I then returned to my husband in Iowa to resume my daily routine. However, my oldest daughter Kadie, who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, called and she informed me that the complications with her pregnancy had become worse and I was needed as soon as possible. I immediately booked a plane ticket and rushed to be by her side, as her husband is in the United States Army and is currently deployed in Korea. My first priority was of course, my daughter and new granddaughter’s well-being, so my studies had to be put on the back burner per say for a while. I don’t have a particular process in place on how I will accomplish in doing all of my duties, I just know they have to be done at some point in my day. So I will now have to try to explain on where I am at this time in my life and try and get a new plan in place, here goes. Being in Alaska has changed my routine greatly, I normally would wake up at 4:30am central time, but as I am currently in Alaska, I have to get up no later than 3am to start my day. The first thing I must do is have my coffee. I begin by getting ready for work, taking a shower and such so I can be on the remote desktop, for my fulltime job, by 8am, Eastern Time. I start by calling patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments; this can be time consuming and often takes a good part of the day as we see approximately fifty patients a day. I then look at my insurance aging reports to make sure everything is getting paid on time. I am currently also doing revalidations for Medicare and Medicaid so I will also have to look into how this process is going. I work at the least 8 hours a day that puts my day of work ending at around 11am Alaska Daylight Time. At this point I still have to get my daughter to her appointment, do a load of laundry, and make sure my bills are paid, and go by the post office, grocery store and start dinner before I even begin to think to start my studies. Because my daughter has had so many complications, she is on daily appointments with her physicians. She tires easily and is on modified bed rest. That puts me doing all of her daily chores and duties also. Did I mention she has