Lesson: Enterprise Resource Planning Essay

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Enterprise Systems is a group of combined software modules that help large companies and business to integrate information from many different departments of the business by storing it in one main database. They may also be called enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
The main database would store data for the from various divisions of the company such as manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resource departments. Enterprise systems organize information for a business so it is more easily accessible for employees and allow the information to be shared across all the different departments. It also allows a business to run more effectively. Some of the most popular enterprise software systems that are used by businesses include SAP, Oracle, and Infor Global Solutions. (Laudon 2011) Implementing and using enterprise systems contribute a great deal to achieving operational excellence. Enterprise systems allow a company to run more effectively and efficiently. They allow departments in the company to gain information faster and respond to others in a timely manner. When one department enters information into the system it will be shared instantly with other departments. Enterprise systems allow departments with in the company to communicate with each other more efficiently and effectively. Although there are many benefits to enterprise systems, there are still some challenges. Enterprise systems require complex