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Activity Comment:
A. This particular activity may prove to be a challenging to an ESOL Learner because the students are being exposed to new vocabulary without being allowed to build and expand on language. A lot of students come in without learning the proper letter and sound recognition so a lot of the terms with be difficult for them to read and understand. ESOL students may also have trouble with their vowel sounds and blending so it may be difficult for them to read short texts. There are multiple sections for the students to complete so it may become overwhelming for them to try and complete alone.
B. As the teacher, in order to make the lesson accessible to all students, I would pair up the students. I would first have the students watch the video on the topic chosen; next I would have them complete the graphic organizer together to make sure the students understood what avalanches were and the variables mentioned in the video. I would then have the students work on the label it and fill in the blank worksheets and once they finished we would go over it as a class. Finally once I felt that al of the students understood and grasped the material I would quiz them on what they learned.
MD Standards:
Standard 6.0 Environmental Science
B. Environmental Issues
1. Recognize and explain that decisions influencing the use of natural resources may have benefits, drawbacks, unexpected consequences, and tradeoffs.
a. Identify