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Discovery Teach Lesson Plan A. Latin America: Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean B. Flags of Latin America C. Learning Objectives: TSW A. Audience: 6th Grade Geography Class B. Behavior: Bloom’s Taxonomy 1. Examine and record basic facts about a Latin American country 2. Learn the significance of a country’s flag 3. Create a rendering of the flag and explain the meaning of its colors and design C. Conditions: The students will work individually and several class discussions will take place. Some research will be done in class, and the rest should be completed for homework to prepare to present. D. Degree: All facts in the student’s presentation should be 100% accurate as they will research and cite where they retrieve the information. The students will have two days to complete this lesson. D. Corresponding TEKS: (16) Culture: The student understands that all societies have basic institutions in common even though the characteristics of these institutions may differ. The student is expected to: a. Identify institutions basic to all societies, including government, economic, educational, and religious institutions.
GFL Standards:
CCR Standards: E. Materials/ Resources Needed: * The students will need their maps from Direct Teach Lesson Plan of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Large classroom maps of the countries on the walls. Large (4”x6”) index cards, previously prepared before the lesson with different names of countries located in Latin America at the top of each card. (One index card per student will be needed.) Plain printer paper, colored markers, internet access, library access, and resources about the countries of Latin America. The textbook can also be used as a resource. F. Needed Prerequisite Knowledge or Skill: * Students will need to be familiar with Latin American countries, as they are introduced in a previous, map based lesson. * This lesson fits into the Latin American unit as it further enhances knowledge about specific countries’ governments, languages, religion, climate, etc. * This is a second, two day lesson following an introductory Direct Teach Lesson plan. G. New Terms and Key Ideas * Currency, flag, motto, symbol, terrain H. Value/ Rationale of the lesson for the Student * This lesson will benefit the student as each individual will create a flag for a different Latin American country and present it to the class, so the class will be peer-taught and introduced to a number of different countries in the Unit. This is relative to the students as its important to be knowledgeable of other world societies, and important to realize common