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Lesson Plan
Unit 5 - Chapter 13
The North and South
Sections 1- 4

Reading Comprehension:
Students will be able to read grade level material for comprehension. They will be able to read a short paragraph, determine, report and explain the important facts within.
Students will appropriately complete work in a timely manner.

After completing the Chapter students will be able to explain the following key ideas:
1. The effects of the following on the economies, social development and political structure of both the North and South: a. Advances in technology i. improvements in transportation and communications ii. working conditions b. Immigration c. Expansionism d. Sectionalism e. Slavery

2. Predict the impact of these issues/developments on future events.

1 – Review key ideas of previous lesson (Author’s Style), - Explain Guide To Reading - Key words - Main Ideas - Read to Learn - Time line

2 – Oral review of vocabulary (Smartboard) - students list and define vocabulary words in Chapter 13 (18 words)

3 – Review and discuss a. note outline (PowerPoint or Smartboard) - note outline (overhead), handout copies
* have students alternate reading, giving feedback, explaining importance, and making predictions.

b. – CRISS Note taking– selective underlining/highlighting {handout} - Use printed copy of book on Smartboard (or overhead) - CRISS - Think-Pair-Share - CRISS - One Sentence Summary

c. - RAN Strategy – explain columns and use (see handout)

d. - Review and discuss 'The Guide to Reading',

e. - Power point (background information and review)

f. - Bell Work: DBQ {Date Based Questions} on SmartBoard - daily

g. - youtube video or BrainPop video

* YouTube video (Causes of the Civil War - part 1 - 3:14 minutes) http://youtu.be/blNSI2taJr0

Chapter 13-1 - The North's Economy
Key Idea:
1. Understand and be able to explain how advances in technology changed and shaped the economy of the North,
2. Explain how new kinds of transportation and communication spurred economic growth.

4 - Read chapter 13 Section 1 - Technology and Industry {pages 386-387} - students read silently each section and use RAN, - read orally and discuss {and/or use audio CD} - CRISS - Strategic Underlining & Highlighting - CRISS - Think-Pair-Share - CRISS - One Sentence Summary

* ? - How did industry change/affect manufacturing - positives(+) & negatives(-).

5. Vocabulary quiz (Vocabulary - Smartboard)

review and discuss key ideas (division of labor led to quicker & cheaper goods, job changes, Northeast will produce 2/3 of manufacturing by 1860 and impact on the war.)

6. Transportation (p387)

*Repeat step 3 b - g (as needed)

* key ideas (development of canals, steamboats and clipper ships and impacts: - canals connected rivers/waterways and allowed new shipping routes, - led to faster flow of goods and passengers = quicker and cheaper). {ex. walking vs. gator}

- Geography Skills (p388) - questions 1 & 2 (review as class)

* ? - What impact did these changes have, why, positives & negatives.

7. Locomotives, the Rail Network and Moving People and Goods (p388-89) *Repeat step 3 b, c and d,

* key ideas - New rail network connected the North and Midwest which allowed for quicker and cheaper flow of goods back and forth, allowed for increase settlement of the 'West'.

*? - How did this affect the relationship between the North and the Midwest and how did this affect farming in the Northeast? positives & negatives.

8. Faster Communication (p389) *Repeat step 3 b and c,

* key ideas - the development of the telegraph and Morse code and its impact on the development of the nation, changes in communication. {ex. letter vs. email or texting}

*? Positive & negative impacts of faster communication, & what changes did this lead to?

9. Agriculture (p390) *Repeat step 3 b, c and d,

- Key Ideas - problems with westward expansion, how the invention