Lesson Plan For The Human Body

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This theme was selected as a research project for the second grade students based on the standards set forth by the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. The newly published Health standards require second grade students to explore the body systems, individual organs, nutrition, and its effect on the human body as part of the curriculum. This project not only gives the students the opportunity to learn the names of the systems, organs, and their functions, they have the chance to put their newly gained knowledge into practice.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: The Human Body

Subject: Body Systems and Organs

Grade Level: 2

Instructional Objectives:
• Students will discover how knowledge of the body’s systems can help people reach personal health and fitness goals.
• Students will act as a team of personal trainers to design an exercise and nutrition plan that will effectively help their chosen client.
• Students will effectively use the Internet and Media Center references to find three valid sources of usable information for their specific body system and/or organ in order to create a useable plan for their chosen client.

Lesson Plan Standards:
• HESK Health Literacy Skills
HESK1: access valid health information
HESK3: analyze influences on health
HESK4: use interpersonal communications skills to enhance health
HESK5: use goal setting and decision making skills to enhance health
• HE3 Nutrition and Physical Activity
HE3a: describe food choices that provide the body with energy
HE3b: describe the relationship between food intake and good health
HE3d: formulate healthful breakfast choices and identify the influences in making these choices
HE3e: distinguish between more and less energetic physical activities

Materials Needed:
• Media Center references on diet, exercise and nutrition
• Computer with Internet access
• Television with video player
• Think Sheet Questions – See Below

Problem Statement: Students must be able to describe and defend exercise and nutrition program for selected client. (Today we are going to watch a video about a swimmer. I know that several of you swim for the Eifel Dolphins, and the rest of you love to be in a pool, so this information will be of interest to you. The video shows how knowing about your respiratory system can help you better use your oxygen while swimming.)
• 17 year old soccer player wants to be able to run during his entire game – discussed as an older sibling or relative
• 30 year old woman wants to lose weight – discussed as an overweight mother or aunt
• 65 year old man wants to keep his heart healthy – discussed as grandfather that is concerned about his heart and health in general

Computer Integration: Students will visit predetermined websites to find information on nutrition and exercise. Students will collect information from these sites and use it to find the best nutrition and exercise plan for their selected client. Acting as personal trainers, students will present the information to their clients.
Food Pyramid: http://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2000/document/frontcover.htm Information about different types of foods: http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/ Foods good for the heart: http://www.americanheart.com Information about exercise: http://kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/fit/work_it_out.html http://www.key2fitness.com/index.html http://www.fitness.gov/activelife/pepup/pepup.html http://www.americanheart.com

Results Presentation: Each group of students will present their plan, on poster board, to the principal, parents, and their classmates, who will be acting as mock clients.

Lesson Introduction: This lesson will be introduced with a video titled Discovery Channel Body Systems. After viewing the video, a discussion and summarization of the function or job of each body system: nervous, digestive, respiratory, and musculoskeletal between students and facilitator will take place. The students