Lesson Plan Justification and Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the three identified stages stated on the lesson planner shall take place within this assignment. Links will be shown between the teaching methods that were incorporated in this lesson planner which met particular learning characteristics, traits and needs of the group or an individual(s) and relevant educational and theoretical principles. The lesson planner has been placed in the appendices, as a referral resource, for this assignment. An area on the lesson planner labelled, ‘Implementing the Lesson,’ (see Page 5 of Appendices One) illustrates the timings and activities of the session. Out of these the following three timings and activities that the learners completed, have been chosen. Firstly, I will examine the …show more content…
In completing this I was not aware that I was subscribing to the behaviourist theory. Behaviorism is described as a developmental theory that measures observable behaviours produced by a learner’s response to stimuli. Responses to stimuli can be reinforced with positive or negative feedback to condition desired behaviours (Cain et al, 2009).

There is much to be said that we teach how we ourselves were taught (Fawbert, 2003). Only in reflecting on this am I able to stipulate that many of my tutors are how one imagines a teacher/learner interaction taking place (Harmer, 2003). The behaviourist learning theory suggests that we learn by receiving a stimulus that provokes a response (Reece and Walker, 2009: 81).

and as a tutor I selected the assessment method of questioning and answering on the session aims and outcomes to illicit responses, reinforced if correct and challenged if incorrect. “Such a theory stresses the active role of the teacher with the student often seen as passive,” (Reece and Walker, 2009: 82). Therefore, “objectives can be made the basis for individual programmes,” (MacDonald-Ross, 1973 as cited in Reece and Walker, 2009: 83). Boxes 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 (see Appendices One) enable the session to be choreographed to the individual learners whose characteristics, traits and needs differ