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Liberty University

A Character Study of Pontius Pilate

Corey Johnson
Dr. Rene Lopez

Lesson 1
Pontius Pilate
1. Illustration: Who am I?
2. Text: Luke 3:1-2
I. Who was Pilate?
A. He was the fifth Prefect of Judea (Holy Bible ESV 2001)
1. Prefect means chief officer or magistrate over countries (Webster 2011)
B. He was the deciding Judge on Jesus’ fate (Lea and Black 2003)
II. What was Pilate’s purpose?
A. Protect the country (Vardaman 1962)
B. Be the deciding judge on matters (Lea and Black 2003)
C. Collection of taxes (Holy Bible ESV 2001)
1. Pilate was forced into making a hard decision because of who he was
2. Pilate was the final straw before he was condemned to die (Lea and Black 2003)

Lesson 2
Pontius Pilate
1. Pass out Hand Sanitizer
2. Text: Matthew 27:24
I. The Problem of Responsibility A. Pontius Pilate wanted to part of the death of Jesus (Matthew 27:19) B. He could not find any crime Jesus committed (Matthew 27:23)
II. Who was responsible?
A. Barabbas (Matthew 27:19-21)
B. Angry Crowd
1. They didn’t care what Barabbas did they wanted Jesus dead (Matthew 27:23)
2. They would rather kill him than believe who he was (Matthew 27:25)
C. Chief Priest and Elders (Matthew 27:20)
1. Pilate wanted to part of the death of Jesus
2. Rather than seek out the truth people wanted Jesus dead
3. No matter what crime he may or may not have committed Jesus had to die

Lesson 3
Pontius Pilate
1. Illustration: Pass out name plates that everyone will wear