Lessons Learned In Annie Dillard's 'The True Teacher'

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The True Teacher Humans undeniably have much to learn about life, but how they learn and who they learn from is undetermined. Who better to teach the human race about life than the one that birthed them? Nature is the rightful mentor for all humans, and there is so much that humans have already learned if they look around. This is because nature has always provided plenty of lessons throughout life. Lessons appear in subtle hints surrounding humans always, and many humans have discovered them. Two humans who have caught the drift wrote about what they learned as notes for others of their race. Annie Dillard wrote about her teacher in the passage Living Like Weasels, and Mark Twain wrote about the lessons he found in the passage The Lowest Animal. Although the authors have different outlooks on the subject, both speak of lessons they have been taught through nature. Nature guides humans through life if humans are open to nature, or at least Annie Dillard thinks so as she writes about it in her passage. Dillard’s understanding …show more content…
For example, the respect between one life and many other lives like Mark Twain speaks of is just like the issue of species becoming extinct. The anaconda only takes life when necessary unlike who humans who pollute until an entire species like bees die out. Even animals as small as bees play a part in life and losing all of them could cause a huge pollination problem and many foods that humans love would never grow. Annie DIllard speaks of nature’s guidance which can be found in the simplest things like a cat defending a dog, then that dog paying it forward and providing shelter for a bird. The respect of life that is expressed is like Mark Twain's perspective and has an underline guide to follow like Annie Dillard believes