Let Freedom Reign With Stars And Stripes

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Let Freedom Reign with Stars and Stripes
July 4, 1776 is the day that the United States fought and finally gained freedom. July 4th is now known as a national holiday to celebrate traditions, remember the freedom gained from Great Britain and for families to gather in order to celebrate the Declaration of Independence. This photograph of an American flag surrounded by gleaming fireworks was captured on July 4, 2010 it is simple and beautiful but conveys independence, the feeling of happiness, freedom, joy and contains value of the United States all in one.
In this image an American flag appears to be rippling in the wind on top of a pole and seems to be the most important object in the image as it is in the center to draw attention to it. However, it is much more than just a flag; each part of the flag is a symbol. There are fifty stars and 13 stripes on the flag: the stars represent the states of the U.S. while the stripes are for the thirteen colonies that fought against the British for independence. Throughout the flag three colors are displayed. Red is often viewed as the color of blood for those who fought during this time. White portrays freedom and peace that is now present in the United States. Lastly, blue is for justice and wisdom. The flag symbolizes confidence, trust, justice, wisdom, peace, freedom, and sadness as it stands for those who fought, the death of those who died fighting, but also the privileges the United States gained.
Highlighting the flag in the image is a bundle of bright lights, often referred to as fireworks. Behind both the fireworks and flag lies the dark sky, making focus on the flag and fireworks directly. Darkness often symbolizes evil and death. The dark sky in this image could also symbolize