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Jordan Harper 5/10/13
Most people say that dairy is good for you that it helps you grow and get big and strong well……..That’s not true it really does the complete opposite you may be thinking how. Well it causes many types of cancers and it also weakens your bones some of the most common types of cancer are Brest cancer bowel cancer and many others that I will explain latter so how about i start.
So when I say dairy I mean like low fat dairy things like low fat chees and low fat yogurt and low fat milk (1% milk and 2% milk) whole milk (dairy) is better and lowers the risk of getting sick. The lower intake also decreases the risk of getting sick a study showed people who intake 2 or more dairy products a day have a 35% present more chance of getting cancer then people who didn’t this is one of many studies done on how dairy is bad for people and what it is doing to us.
One of the bigger studies done on the topic is the china study. The study was done on two different rats one was given 500 calories of dairy and the other was given 200 and they kept doing that for 1 month and the rat that had 500 calories got cancer and it was aggressive and eventually the rat with 500 died of cancer the study took over 30 years but this is one of the big parts of the study. Dairy is worst for women because it increases Brest cancer men could also get Brest cancer but it’s very rare men do so that’s why dairy does more damage on females. (Women)
Dairy doesn’t only give people cancer it also weakens people bones as you drink or eat more dairy it weakens your bones this is why America is the number one country in the world for broken bones it would really help if you didn’t drink or eat any