Let S Stop Blaming Technology For Our Lonliness Essay

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Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. When asked about technology, the average person thinks of computers and the internet, smartphones and tablets. Many people have the habit of blaming these things for our lack of interaction between each other. This brings forth the question: Does technology make us more alone? Technology does not make us more alone if we chose only to surround ourselves with aspects of technology, it has no effect on our free will and therefore cannot force us to devote our lives to it.
Technology does force us to be on par with its constant development. We are not force to check our news feed or surf the net for the next viral video. Technology has no effect on our free will. Every time someone chooses technology over human interaction it’s because they want to. There is a difference between being lonely and wanting to be alone. We are the ones choosing to be lonely and if we’re choosing to be by ourselves are we really even lonely? If we do not feel the crushing weight of solitude but the bliss of internet surfing, how lonely are? Me choosing to spend my day playing in a virtual world instead of chatting with my mom does not mean I’m lonely, it just means I want to be alone.
People claiming that technology is the cause of people’s antisocialism say that our smartphones and tablets are stopping us from living in the moment. We are documenting the look of roses with our cameras, instead of