Why The Clinical Trial Was Needed

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Why the clinical trial was needed? E.g. weaknesses of current drugs, unmet clinical trial
What was the pharmacological rationale behind the use of this particular drug (proposed mechanism and site of action)?
What was the general design of the clinical trial?
What were the key outcomes of the clinical trial?
What impact if any has the drug had since introduction to market?
Could the trial have been improved in any way?

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Cancer is currently the leading cause of death worldwide, with breast cancer accounting for approximately 458,000 deaths in 2008, the majority being women. Breast cancer originates from abnormal growth in breast tissue cells, which includes the cells in the duct and lobules (Ductal and lobular carcinoma). Symptoms occur in the later stages of breast cancer, as the cancer grows, physical lumps and changes in size, shape of the breast or nipple can be seen. Advanced symptoms can involve pain in the bone, skin ulcers, breast pains, swelling of the armpit and weight loss.
It is recognised that this is a disease to cause for concern and many types of treatment have been used to counteract the effects of the cancer. Treatments comprise of a combination of drugs, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and the more invasive types which include surgery. However, treatments proposed today are not side effect free and can lead to heart damage, kidney damage, lymphedema and…