Lets Get Healthy Essay

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Let’s get healthy

In today’s society it is an ongoing problem of people and their weight. There is a higher rate of obesity in the world today, than there has ever been. There are several of things to blame for this. Even children have a higher rate of obesity than ever before. With the issue of obesity skyrocketing there are two main ways to lose the weight and become healthy once again. In society today there are several modern conveniences, such as fast food restaurants, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Things like fast food makes it easier on parents when we do not have the time to cook at home. Eating out all the time is not a healthy option however. Most of the fast food items are loaded with fat, high cholesterol and processed foods, which all make people gain weight. Another thing that contributes to weight gain is the fact that most kids have computers or video games that they spend hours at a time on. Instead of getting outside and off the couch and exercising they often decide to continue to watch TV on the couch. As society becomes more technological and computerized, there is a lot less time that children spend outdoors. This fact made everyone more active in general. Instead of playing video games or time on the computer children walked through the woods or climbed trees, swam in the ponds or built club houses. All of these things were helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and not becoming obese. Keeping your body active is extremely important in maintaining good health and maintaining an ideal weight. There are two main ways to lose weight. Whether you chose to do it the old fashioned and natural way of eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis or weight lose surgery which is available now, also known as gastric bypass surgery. Educating yourself on these is important to being successful in either method. There are pros and cons to both of these methods of losing weight which should be considered when making a decision on which method to use. Gastric bypass procedures are operations that reduce the size of the stomach by 90%. Understanding that the stomach is a stretchable organ and what is normal for this organ is important. A regular stomach can stretch to over 1000ml but after the bypass it only is about 15mls. It starts by dividing the stomach into two smaller parts. One part is a small upper area, and the other part is a larger lower area. Then it is necessary to re-arrange the small intestine so that it connects to both of the areas. This procedure is used to treat individuals that are morbidly obese, which is a diagnosis made when the patient is seriously obese. This is only used when all other options have proved to be non-effective, such as a healthy diet and exercising. It is used to help individuals with type 2 diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. There are some risks like with anything else, there can be complications. After the patient has the procedure they are able to only eat small amounts of food at a time. Stimulating nerves in the stomach that then tell the brain that the stomach is full. You then feel a sensation of being full, as if they had just ate a much larger meal. When a person is looking into having this procedure, they have to figure out what their insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Most insurances have guidelines that you must fit. These guidelines are sending a letter of medical requisite for a bariatric surgeon as well as providing documents of a medically supervised diet and providing evidence of failed attempts to lose weight via diet and exercise Most insurance will cover partial surgery related expenses but will not cover post-operation supplements. You should take an in-depth look into your insurance company and be sure to understand what will and will not be covered. There are over 200,000 gastric bypass surgeries done on a yearly basis. When the patient eats just a