Lets Talk Campaign

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I have been hired by the company Bell Canada, and I am evaluating their “lets talk’ campaign. This campaign is to help put an end to the stigma that comes with mental illness, help provide care and access to those who are affected by mental illness, strengthen workplace health and promote further research of mental illness.


a) This starts off with a outside another friends house, there are cricket sounds to make the viewer seem like it is very quiet. Then the camea goes inside the house where it is completely silent, the mans phone rings but he decides to turn the ringer off. There is more silence followed by a title that says “Millions of Canadians suffer from mental illness in silence.” In this commercial a friend rings another friends door bell, then the camera shows the friend who is inside to house siting by himself in a very sad mood. The friend outside then tries to get his attention by messaging him, but the man simply turns off his ringer and continues to sit alone in silence. During this commercial the man inside is clearly not acting normal, but instead he is showing symptoms of depression and other mental illness. His symptoms include him being sad, hopeless, worthless and restless. The man clearly needs professional help, which he seem to not be receiving. Along with mental illness come the stigmas, which can worsen the effect this illness has on the person.

b) Mental illness is a very big disruption to the lives of many; in fact it affects 1 in 5 Canadians sometime in their lives. Bell has done a very good job in letting people know about mental illness and why it should be recognized more than it is. During this ad, a friend of another man approaches his house and rings the doorbell. Nobody answers the door but he sees his friend sitting in his house all alone, the silence within his home gives the viewer a sensation of helplessness. The man is clearly not able to cope with his mental disorder and it has taken the meaning in his life away. Instantly the viewer will get emotional and feel sorry for this man, and since some people face the same thing, they will also want to help but an end to this horrible disease. Many of the viewers have been through other rough times in their lives such as bullying and abuse. These viewers will also be able to relate with this man and get emotionally attached to the commercial. Bullying can also lead to depression and