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To: Junction City Daily Union
Dear Editor:
Also the race problem is improved a lot now, but there also have some discord event around us. I study in Kansas States University and I had seen some events about race, although these events were very small and people don’t notice it. Although the university has developed very well but there also excite lots of problems between different races because each race may have different concept on the same thing. These problems can be reflected in many places. Between different races, we should make more activities for improving their relationship and knowing each other a lot. First, we should respect each other.

In recent years, there was a new about race problem in college in Kansas. It attracted lot of people’s eyes. Racial discrimination on campus again looked to the outside world is quite shocking, after all, is supposed to emphasize the campus diversity, mutual tolerance, mutual understanding environment. The face of criticism, the school authorities refute that the University was originally a microcosm of society, so the campus conflicts, tensions, no fuss, but to help students advance understanding of social truth. And government should attach importance to it.

Let me talk about my own experience first. Once I want to buy a cup of coffee. When I came into a café and said to order a cup of coffee, but the waiter’s attitude is not very patient. When I was going out of the shop, I heard a local customer same to order a cup of coffee, but the waiter’s attitude is very good. I felt angry about that but nothing can do. That person and I are same customers but the waiter’s attitude is opposite. I think this is a typical race problem. I have heard lots of things like my experience that some people treat to white people’s attitude is better than treat to others’ attitude. This event looks very small, but sometimes small event can evolve big problems.

The most problems happened between white people and black people. I believe the concept of “blackness” and “whiteness” still excite in many people’s mind. We should strengthen relationship between them. The student organization should organized more activities to improve the relationship between them. I had seen an event about a white student. My friend and I played in a bar on Friday night. There also were lots of other people there. I didn’t know what happened that a white people and a black people quarreled. During quarreled that white people said a word “nigger”. When he said that word everyone in the bar became quiet. After that he apologized to the black people and the black people said nothing, but it indicate the concept of “black” and “white” excited in his mind. It will become an obstacle in improving different races’ relationship.

Not only white people have this concept of race, black people also have it. As a Chinese student, I have lots of local friends here. Once in a party, a black student proposal to play basketball but one of my friends didn’t want to play. He said he was tired today. He is also a black people. And that person who wants to play basketball said him just like a delicate white people. I think this event indicate a stereotype of people. It causes people to fill the roles of the stereotype instead of just being who we are. When white people do something, they should do