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Tim Cook, CEO
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, California 95014

Re: Environmental Protection Campaign

Dear Mr. Cook: I am writing in support of the communities and organizations that are working to protect the environment and to draw your attention to a matter of great importance. Can you imagine the future for our grandchildren where they may not be able to enjoy the natural resources that we have taken for granted today? I believe that there is no parent that would not think well of their children. Hence, I believe that every corporation, including yours, should today become more environmentally responsible. Environmental pollution is a big issue that affects everyone on our planet today. One common pollution issue we have today is plant dumping of polluted wastewater into the rivers. I am really concerned about this issue because it also exists in my native China. When polluted wastewater gets dumped into the rivers, it contributes to the China’s heavy-metal pollution problem. Currently, about twenty-five to sixty million acres of China’s arable land are polluted with heavy metals due to electronics factories. All these factors had greatly endangered the public’s well-being and safety. Apple is a leading company in the electronics industry. This is signified by their brand image and their customer-oriented perspective. Apple had been a great corporate, social responsible company in United States; however, the same cannot be said for factories and companies overseas. Many of your suppliers in China have underperformed in corporate social responsibility. It is important to continue to monitor and audit overseas suppliers especially the underperforming ones. Another suggestion to improve the environment is only cooperate with suppliers that follow emissions and environmental standards. Apple can also be more involved in protecting the environment