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First I would like to say that technology when it comes to media has taken such a leap over the years its amazing what people can do today. Think back in the early 1900s when people used radio’s to find their information, which was mainly used for learning about what was happening with the war. Than TVs came out and people can running to be part of the opportunity that the TV held. The TV allowed everyone to put a face to people and a picture to what they were hearing on the radio. So the radio fell off quite a lot now granted they are still around, but some believe that will change. Than satellites were put up and that opened the world to so much more because not only did we get local channels, but also we got international news and channels. This really opened the game up and now we find ourselves in the most current age, which happens to be the Internet. The Internet is a beautiful thing it gives everyone the opportunity to search whatever he or she want. So much information at the fingertips of our hands can be very empowering. The internet allows people to express themselves and advertise themselves weather that means making a site for their business (which a lot of stores have done) or engaging in social sites. Social sites are some of the most popular things today they allow people to connect with one another on demand without the hassle of sending letters waiting for a reply taking weeks. It also allows us to keep in contact with people that we wouldn’t be able to since they live states away or even an entirely different country. Social sites are the way people choose to communicate mostly now day’s constantly posting new threads and pictures about their activities. The Internet has so much information and endless possibilities and that is why it is constantly expanding and new ways things are being created. I think more than anything if I had to describe the Internet in one word I would say convenient. Having said all that I was trying to paint a image in your head about just how free you can be with the internet, but though convenient it also puts you at risk. The internet isn’t as monitored as carefully as it should be, which can lead to you viewing things that you don’t care to see. Since anyone can post on the Internet you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position if you aren’t safe with your searches. This leads me to the reliable of the Internet, which is a whole different beast. Like I mentioned before anyone can post on the Internet so finding a reliable source can be rather difficult that’s why you should take the proper precautions to ensure you are on a safe site. For example Wikipedia is a very well known site that has a lot of information on literally almost any topic, but just because it has all this information doesn’t mean its creditable. I found out after doing research on the site that anyone could post whatever he or she