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English Homework

Dear Prime Minister,

As you have helped us out of the financial crisis, I am very grateful. However, many of the working classes have suffered due to the rise in the tax. This is especially tough for those that have low income, as they have been dragged into the higher-rate band. Although, the cost of everything from foods to energy has risen, this has improved our country’s financial situation. But, the rise of prices has made people spend less so this will impact not only on the household but also the economy

On the other hand, I have many suggests you may consider. Firstly, I advise you to spend less on foreign aid as we don’t know where the money is used for. This money can be used for metropolitan police force therefore, increasing less crime a more safety for the civilians on the street. Also, it can raise awareness of knife and gun crime, lowering future crime rates.

Every year, 60% of the news is about youths involved in crime whether they are committing the crime or the victim. In order to decrease crime rates we need to supply them with a large youth clubs per borough, where they can interacts with other young adults in a civilise manner . This will help young adults in their educations and improve the behaviour. I want to improve the perception of young adults over time.

I also, recommend you create a service in helping people of all ages to find them a job or in improving their career prospects. As many people have lost their jobs…