Letter: Fashion and Mera Zara Hq Essay

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Nesso Ihejirika
Compton, CA 90210
July 19, 2013
Rosalía Mera
Zara HQ
1772-1918, Avenida FisterraArteixo, ES 151142 Dear Ms. Mera,
My name is Neso Ihejirika and I’m a sophomore at Central Saint Martins and I’ve been studying Fashion for about 5 years now. I come from Compton, CA and not many of us make it out to get a job at a factory much less get into one of top fashion schools in the world. So I’ve already been blessed very much and everyone from my neighborhood is riding on me on becoming one of the top fashion designers in the world. But good things take small steps. My professor, Joan Merle- Norman referred me to your company and many of my colleagues have told me about your focus on good quality garments. Your brand is bold and makes a statement which is something I’d want to incorporate in my clothing when I become a designer. That is why this internship is so important to me, I want to learn from the best but I want to stand out and make a statement.
One of reasons I am very much qualified for this internship is that I have successfully established 3 of my own clothing stores located in Vancouver, Quebec City and the earliest one in New York City and as a bonus I am very much capable to handle marketing and make deals as well. My stores mostly specialize in clothing for youth and young adults with a modern vintage twist. As well as owning my own stores I have been invited to several fashion shows like Fashion Week 2011 and 2012 in Paris and New York and many of my collections have been featured in shows such as Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. I have a very good eye for color and quality and I’m a neat and precise seamstress.
Also, from what I’ve researched about your company you keep up with the latest fashions and always shop for uniqueness. You make sure you your customers want and needs and can tailor your merchandise by individual store and the customers that shop there. By monitoring buying habits and feedback to drive store deliveries you know what is bad and what is good. But, there is one thing that is a bit disturbing. As I