Letter From A Friend To Another

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V. Cunha Junior
Scott Fellows
English IV
10 September 2009
20th Century Historical Fictional: Year 1963
Letter from a friend to another
New Jersey, March 12 1963
Dear John, I haven’t seen you since we graduated from BU in 1958, back in the days we had a gas getting blitzed! (Cougar Town) It is funny how right after we graduated we both got married and now all of a sudden we got to work for bread and take care of our own family. How’s Martha doing? Is she reading that Feminine Mystique book by Betty Friedman? I’m telling you, after that chick wrote that book, Charlene has been having all of her friends’ crash over our place so they can talk about woman’s rights. They all gather around our table decked out in their beaded necklaces, head scarf, and head bands to talk about having new roles and responsibilities in society (Women’s Movement). All of these chicks won’t stop singing “She Loves You” by the Beatles when ever they’re on “break time,” the Beatles get these chicks crazy! (The People History) It’s a real drag, but personally I think that this movement might take off, not so sure about how I feel about the Beatles though. Seeing how many housewives and independent chicks are responding to the women’s suffrage movement, they might accomplish something big! Don’t be a flake, and write back, with what’s going on with you “dude.”
Sincerely, Jake O’Connor
Washington D.C. September 3, 1963
Dear Jake,
It has been a while since we’ve seen each other, I’m glad to know that you’re doing well. Martha is doing fine, she got a flat out to demonstrate that she’s still a fox, and I’m not one to complain about her bell-bottom pants, dashikis, and peasant blouses (Arikiart). She’s working now and says it demonstrates her support to the women’s suffrage cause (Women’s Movement). However, what’s really getting me jazzed up is the African-American movement that has been going on. About a week ago there was this great protest here in D.C., and one of the movement leaders, Martin Luther King Jr., made a speech titled “I have a Dream.” That day there were over 250,000 euphoric supporters of the cause here in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and I thought with that many people, there’s going to be a huge riot, but it was solid, no riot (BBC 2003). It was also interesting to observe that some dudes from our college were there supporting, and all of them were driving ’57 Chevys and Volvos, since cars are souped up and the way to get around. There are a lot of events happening though, apart from the Civil Rights. The war in Vietnam is only getting worst, and government is losing its supporters fast. Not to mention that Buddhist Sega that keeps going back and forth (Vietnam Gear). I’m sure you heard of it. Everybody in this world seems to