Letter From An Iranian Jail

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Letter from an Iranian Jail
My Dear Supporters:
While held here in an Iranian jail, I came across the thought of some calling my actions “not smart and wrong timing”. I have questions from many, but if I answered every question that came across my desk, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am called to do. But since I think that your questions are genuine, I felt the need to answer some that should be answered in calm and reasonable terms.

I think I should tell you why I am here in Iran, since there are many views to why I am in jail, etc. I had the opportunity to serve and express myself for my country during the time of the utmost time of need. My intentions are to live in peace; I do not think that this lifestyle isn’t hard. But more basically, I am in jail because the government thinks that fighting for your own rights are not important. I am the kind of person that wants freedom for everyone, no matter the skin color, wearing whatever clothes or gender. I want rights for everyone, some may call it equality, but while this is true, I call it a life. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

I cannot just sit around and let these injustices roam free around our country and around the world, and deny us, the human race, our God- given rights. My rights weren’t honored when the government made every woman wear a veil and couldn’t express ourselves, this right is an infraction to my right to liberty. Not only this reason, but also being imprisoned for protesting opinions that many have against the Iranian government. Just