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Letter from Birmingham Rhetorical Analysis
In the Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King, wrote his letter to get a Sympathetic Emotional Response from the White Religious Christians and also white Families who claimed to have Moral Values, so they may see how their injustice ways was not moral and did not appeal to the bible and to god whom created all people equally. King used God and biblical stories in the bible to persuade Christian families to eliminate the existence of segregation.
King wanted to speak for the Negro American’s because they’re voices were not being heard (pg7). He wanted the white moderate to consider just laws and follow the rules of the bible (pg21). According to MLK, “In the story of the early Christians shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were willing to face hungry lions and excruciating pain rather than obey Nebuchadnezzar unjust laws and disobey God moral laws (pg20).
King felt that anyone had the right to disobey unjust laws and follow Gods moral just laws as a moral responsibility of theirs even if was disobeying man-made laws that were unjust (pg15). King felt like his Christian and Jewish brothers should uphold the responsibilities of being just that, people of just behavior in the favor of god (pg22). King shared his disappointment with the clergy men wanting to keep the negativity and not submit to peace and justice. He felt it was wrong for them to set a time and era for them to free the people who were suffering from injustice and segregation and make them wait (pg13).
Negro American endured the pain of family members being brutally murdered by vicious mobs and beat and even killed by Police officers. Some may even found themselves struggling to find the words to tell a child why they can’t go to an amusement park because they’re skin color was not accepted or answer a child’s question pertaining to injustice because of their skin? All while trying not to create a continuous cycle of hate when an innocent Negro child finds out the truth (pg14). Families with children may sympathize with this passage knowing that families of color were being harassed, tormented, and tortured and Christians who know the bible may read about similar things in the bible of people being tormented and tortured and how it was detestable to God .
After reading a concerning letter from a fellow