Letter From Birmingham Jail Analysis

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By metaphorically comparing images Dr. King shows how one can add such an effect to their writing. In his letter, he shows how he has to tell his daughter that they cannot go to the amusement park because it is closed to colored children. This relates to the quote, "Now it is time to lift our national policy from quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of human dignity" (pg.54). Even though this is very hard for him to tell her, this is just one example of "racial injustice" in our society during the time and even to this day. Looking at the situation King's daughter is in it may have an effect on the way white American's view this. Seeing this may make them sympathize for the little girl because they would not want something like that to happen to their very own children. Rising up to the "solid rock of human dignity" is what everybody needs to do. In this situation though, "human dignity" would be the parents sympathizing for the little girl.
Towards the end of King's letter to his fellow clergymen he gives some examples of the violence some of the protestors had gone through. At the very end he says, "Let us all hope that the dark clouds of
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He uses juxtaposition in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail" piece. In doing so he adds a much needed dramatic effect to his writings. The point is to engage his readers and try to make it easier for them to understand his writing. It not only makes his writing better, it shows how honest and literate an African American is during this time could be. When King writes he knows what the reader will be interested in. He tries to perceive himself being in the readers shoes and wants to know what they are thinking while reading. He tries to understand not only what the audience is going to see but how they will react. This is why he adds images like the examples above to improve his writing and to connect with the audience on a better