Letter: Learning and Contemporary Learning Schema Essay

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St. E’s Needs YOU!
To the greatest teaching staff in the world,
Due to circumstances that we are all aware of, our school finds itself in a position where we need to develop a new team of teacher leaders who will continue the work of our Learning & Teaching Navigators who guide us through the murkiness of the future.
This is an open invitation to all teachers in our school to consider becoming a Teaching & Learning Navigator for 2012. I say open invitation because in all honesty I would feel honoured to work alongside any one of you in this role. Each and every one of you potentially brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge and most importantly, passion in areas that can only enhance our march onward creating and maintaining contemporary approaches to teaching and learning.
You do not have to be an expert in ICT.
You do not have to know the Contemporary Learning Schema word for word,
You do not have to be familiar with the Australian Curriculum.
You do not have to be an expert at planning and implementing authentic, rigorous inquiry.
You do not have to be a master at the WLA.
All you do need is a passion for learning and a commitment to learn and develop your skills as a 21st century educator.
As a member of the Contemporary Learning Navigators you will receive ongoing personalized support including 3 induction days during term 4. As a Navigator your responsibilities will include * trialing and using new contemporary tools for learning, * leading