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Michael David DANBY – Port Melbourne.
Dear Mr Danby,
I am writing this letter to bring up the topic of racism in Melbourne. Over the past few years racism has been evident. There have been multiple actions towards racism and nobody is doing anything about it. I want to focus on one event that happened recently, when an Indian student by the name of Nitin Garg, 21, was stabbed to death because he is Indian! This is outrageous; the fact that people are being racist to this extreme and you, as our MP is doing nothing about it is disgusting. If you were to let people just waltz around and kill others because they are different, Melbourne would be a horrible place to live and you would be dealing with more than one major killing due to racism.
Also imagine what people would think about not only Melbourne, but Australia after hearing news like this. Would you like to go overseas to a country where there have been reports of killings due to race? No, nobody would. People would be afraid of coming to Australia, especially Melbourne. Not only does this reflect on the country as a whole, but it reflects on the people who live here. Not everyone living in Melbourne is racist; I for one am not racist and think it is a disgrace to the face of Melbourne.
I have witnessed racism during primary school. One of my now very close friends and her little sister, had been adopted from Ethiopia and had been moved to my school. They knew little English and Melbourne was like a foreign place to them, the buildings, the people, the language and the resources – such as T.V. – One day someone was sharing around the chocolate that there mother bought them and when my friend was about to eat her piece of chocolate one of the boys shouted at