Letter Of Fast Planning Co. 999 Printing Service

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168 Wall Rd. Suite 16
Ottawa, Ontario K5A 2K6
February 27, 2015
Ms. Sarah Smart
Event Manager
Fast Planning Co.
999 Mercy, Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario K3K 2A6

Dear Sarah,
It has come to our attention that you have an upcoming event on march 7th. How would you like all of your promotional printing needs free of charge? You heard right, it’s on us! Smith-Lauzon understands that printing numerous amounts of posters is quite the stress and hassle, so why don’t you leave it up to us to provide you with superior printing services for that upcoming event!
We’ve also noticed that you have not used our services in over 5 months and we would like to change that. You’ve been one of our most valued clients these past 4 years and I would appreciate the reasons behind your absence. If you thought either of our services or representatives were inadequate, I want to guarantee you that such incidents will not continue. If you feel as though our services do not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact me at 613-999-4321. I will personally handle your needs, as a manager should towards their valued clients.
I would love to associate and have you as an active client again, which is why I am personally informing you about our exclusive, one-time offers.
40% off all our original prices
This includes your brochures, posters, ads, flyers, business cards, etc. I will give you 40% off all of your printing needs if you decide to accept the benefits that come with becoming an active client here at Smith-Lauzon.
As you have probably heard, Smith-Lauzon offers the best prices and services in the industry. Besides the fact that our mission is to provide clients with unbeatable prices and services that cater to their needs, for you, Sarah, I will surpass that. Allow me to broaden your choices with us by giving you more exclusive deals, tailored specifically to you.
In any state of urgency, I understand that not knowing where and when your order is arriving could be troublesome. This is why I want to directly offer you our express…