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I know that you’re not really fond of me at the moment but I wanted to take this time to tell you a couple things. With you being deployed, as much as I hate to think about it, you never really know what could happen over there so there are some things I want you to know. I won’t go on about how much I care about you and how I’ll always love you because at this point it is irrelevant and if you don’t already know this than clearly I never did my part(though I am still determined to marry you ya fuck). Instead I want to tell you how truly thankful for you I am. For everything you have done for me. You have honestly been one of the biggest parts and supports in my life since I was what 14 15? I wouldn’t be any part of who nor where I am today without you. I often think back to the day we met. It’s funny to think that this one day had such an impact on my life. That you had such an impact on me. You were there through the years that I did most of my growing and maturing. You supported me and where there for me when I least deserved it. You helped me through many tears, gave me many memories, inspired me, you were my strength when I had none, you took risks for me, you gave me hope, you taught me much, made me laugh often, and held my heart always. I’m tender hearted as hell so there has been a few tears but the one that will always scar as one of the worst in my heart is my mom. Every September, you have been there for me through all of that mess. I still have your voicemails from one of your army camps (I know I’m a giant fag and should delete them but I haven’t) saying everything would be okay and that if I needed anything you would be there. With it being that time of year again I’m sure I’ll be listening to them when I need that extra push. But then again you’ve always been that for me. The extra push I needed whether it be in school or family or just life in general. I can’t think you enough for always getting me through the hard times.
The memories you have given me are endless. I’ll never forget any of our crazy trips or stupid things we have done but the one memory that holds dearest in my heart was when you brought me home to NC. You were the reason I got to see my family for the first time in years. Something that my family and I had always dreamed of. Honestly if you wouldn’t have brought me home, I don’t know if I ever would have come back. You gave me the strength I needed to return and you were there for me through every part of it. I wouldn’t have met Maddox for the first time, I wouldn’t be going to family gatherings or birthday parties. I’d miss holidays, school events, and hospital trips. I wouldn’t have any parts of my family that I do now. You were the person who brought my family back together and you don’t know how much that means to me or my family and for this you will always be a part of us and we are infinitely thankful. Maddox still asks about my “daddy”. I really have no clue why he thinks that. That child is a mess. They all ask about you and lately I haven’t been able to give them a