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Letter of Introduction In a letter of introduction tell me some things about yourself. I am interested in knowing about you. Some ideas are listed below:
● Who you had as an English teacher last year
● What your strengths and weaknesses are in both writing and reading
● What your favorite subject is (does not have to be English)
● What are your goals and aspirations for the future? Do you want to go to college? If so, where? What do you want to study? If you do not want to attend college, what are your plans? ● What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
● Fun facts about yourself; where you are from originally
● Great experiences you have had
● Favorite books or movies or hobbies
● Do you work? If so, where and how many hours a week?
● Your email address in case I need to get in touch with you about school work (although it is always your responsibility to see me first)
● When do you plan to take the SAT and/or ACT (you should register as soon as possible so you are "college ready")?
● Did you pass the FCAT? If not, what subjects do you still need to pass?
● How many community service hours have you earned?
● Would you be interested in tutoring/mentoring other students?

Mailing address: street or PO Box
Town, State, Zip
Phone Number Date: (The day you type the letter. Type out the name of the month.) Salutation: To Whom It May Concern: st
Paragraph: Start with a sentence that introduces who you are and that you are writing this letter as a way of introducing yourself. Describe two to three of your strengths, outstanding qualities or personal characteristics, your philosophy or anything else that will allow the reader to get a little idea Hu what kind of a person you are. (five to six sentences total.) nd
Paragraph: Describe two or three of your long term goals related to your education and/or your future career. Describe some steps you have taken or plan…