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Letter of Recommendation
It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Amrit Singh Bains who I have tutored for two years, where I taught him Advanced Computer Networks in theory as well as took up the practical sessions with him in the Final year. Through my observation, I would like to say that he is attentive, studious and articulate. He has a positive attitude towards study. Amrit is a hard working student. His assignments have been neat and precise to the points. Given a task he is able to complete it within the stipulated period. He has never given an opportunity to rebuke him for anything. Although timid and placid, his friendly and optimistic attitude, always ready to lend a helping hand towards his friends in times of difficulties makes him popular.
He is always attentive to whatever has been taught in the class and is always well prepared with his course work. Amrit had presented a very good seminar on ‘Train Management System for NRS” during his summer internship in Baroda House for Northern Railways. He presented it with confidence and in a lucid manner. His proficiency in the subjects and English shows that he has the potential to be a good teacher. He had also worked on his major project under my supervision titled “Augmented Reality with SEMa Specification” using C#, Java, XML, HTML, JAVA SERVLETS/APPLETS in Windows NT and MS Access and NodeJS as back-end. He also had a very good knowledge in computer and is always keen to explore new