Letter: Question and Ms. Cole Letter Essay

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Julianna Velazquez
March 2, 2013
English 20
Ms. Cole
One thing I could of done better was on my interview was when they asked me the 3 questions I didn’t do as well because instead I could of gave more details as to why they should hire me, like I could of said the positive and negatives things about me If I could do my interview all over again the first thing I would do is greet them and try to make a conversation with them so I could of gotten to know then alittle and not be as nervous as I was. My interview didn’t go as I planned it to be, one of the questions they asked me was why should we hire you? I answered “well I cross the border a lot” I could have answered that question in a different way instead of what I had said. I could have said well I have gotten great advices from officers. My answers weren’t the best when I answered them I should have talked more about myself experiences and as to how I want to become a border patrol. Another reason I could have done better was on my letter and resume, I made mistakes on it, One of the main errors on my letter was to sign it at the bottom, and that is one of the most important things that I needed to do. I should have been more detailed on my letter and talked more about my college and why I am attending Cerritos College. The things I would have changed on my letter was how I talked about my education I didn’t really say much about it I needed to talk more about why my education to me is important to get…