Letter To A Christian Nation

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Overtime, there have been many different arguments toward the Christian religion. Whether it was an attempt to challenge the bible and its teachings it seems that there are many different individuals doing whatever they can to try and stop the spread of Christianity. With this being said there is also the ongoing battle between science and religion, which has always been the basis for the anti- Christians. For example in, “Letter to a Christian Nation” the author is very anti Christian, and even brings up the fact that he has convinced many individuals to not believe in god. He then continues on throughout this letter bringing up topics such as: the bible, real morality, atheism, and violence caused by religion. With all of these topics he brings up an argument to counter Christianity. Then Jon Dudley, another anti Christian, brings up many arguments including abortion, evolution, and also homosexuality. Throughout these various articles he brings up great points in order to allow the reader to consider his points. However two main arguments from both of these authors is the clash of religion and science and also homosexuality.

It seems that the clash or religion and science will always be a debate no matter what is going on in the world. There is just too many variables between the two and research done with science that there is basically a challenge to every scripture reading or verse. For example as Christians we believe that god created the world but then the counter argument is who created god if he created the world. This idea of evolution and how the world came to be always seems to be a very prominent topic and argument between religion and science. Even the author Jon Dudley brings up the points that Christian’s must accept the scientific evolution rather then deny it. He is basically stating based off the teachings and what God wants us to do that Christian’s really should accept the concept of evolution. He even brings up the fact that science states that the world is 4.5 billion years old however Christian’s are taught by god’s message to believe that the earth was made to look old by god. This is just one prime example that proves the debate between science and religion will exist for our entire lives.

It seems that another argument that is very pertinent in today’s world is the idea of homosexuality in the Christian faith. In an article by Jonathan Dudley he states that in the bible it is pretty clear cut that god condemns homosexuality. However, he also declares that there are so many other actions that are anti-Christian that do not raise a stir quite like homosexuality. For example divorce, abortion, or even something as simple as a man with long hair are all not Christian like yet they all seem to go unnoticed. He brings up this argument because the fact of the matter is that everyone should be accepting of each individual and by utilizing the bible as a source of back up that is not the way that God wants us to use the bible.

These two arguments both challenge the Christian faith and it seems that they are both noticeable issues in today’s world. It’s almost as if at least once a month there is a new