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Dear Veronica Roth, Your book Divergent was wonderful! I really loved it. It made me think about how much a person can actually change in a short time. For example: Tris was really nervous with what faction she was going to choose, and how she was nervous, worried, and a little scared during the dauntless initiation. Then she started to get stronger, braver, and careless about herself, this reminds me of how nobody ever really stays the same. That every single day someone overcomes a fear, or goes from self-conscious too not caring what other people think. When she was choosing a faction, it seemed similar when people or trying to decide what group they want to be part of, or what college they want to go to. Another thing are how the factions remind me about our society, like how each faction stands for a certain type of person. For example: Dauntless are all the courageous and risk takers in the world, always willing to try all these new and dangerous thing, and like in the book how they are practically the police. That’s also almost exactly what they are like, the police and soldiers in our society, risking their lives to keep us safe and protect us. Abnegation are mostly like the shy people in this world or the people who are always willing to give you a hand and to help you in any way possible, just like how they are constantly helping and feeding the factionless, but try to avoid any social contact with other factions as much as possible. Erudite are more like our government in a way, because of how they are a little controlling and like our scientists because they are mainly the ones coming up with all these new ideas and inventing all these machines and creating all the serums. Amity are the agriculturists and farmers in the world because they do most of the crop and plant growing. Candor also kind of reminds me a little of our government, because of how they always are trying to be reasonable and persuasive. Another connection is, like what I was saying about each faction standing for a certain type of person. It also reminds me of being in high school, mostly in bigger schools. The connection is how there are all these different groups in high school and everyone is divided up like in high school there are; athletes, drama club, scene, artistic, computer people, and band members, and in the book divergent there are;