Letter To Children

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A Letter to Children: Yourself is your wealth

Child, it is not necessary a bad thing if you want to be very rich when you are young. As long as there is something you desire, you will have the motivation to push your goals forward. Some people want to travel faraway, some want to look pretty, and some want to become a super star. They are just like you; people who have their dreams and with interesting. But when you grow up in age, you have to maintain this ability to know the thing you want, even though it might be very different from what you want for today.

There are five things that I have to tell you. The first thing is that if you want an apple, you need to plant apple trees first. And if you plant apple trees, you need to
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The fourth thing is that we need to build up a good social relation. To certain extent, our wealth is the totally amount accumulate together that people willing for us to own. These people are our partners, employees, peers, consumers and customers, policy makers and so on. Become more rich means there will be more complicate relationship we need to deal with. Therefore, it is important to learn and aware how to interact with strangers. Many elderly taught children to precautions strangers, but the fact is when children interacting with strangers, they are actually least wary for those elderly. People despise those elderly the most when their grown up children still have problems to interact with others. So from this, we all have to become actively interacting with our partners since we are young, we have to learn from adults, helping others, benefiting others and willing to meet strangers.

One last thing is do not take exams a big deal when we are young, but it is important to keep those valuable characteristics such as imagination, creativity, sensitive and optimistic mobility. Apart from studying, we have to play good and try to do something different from others. Try to do as many new things as you can think of and do not admit other people’s criticism and comments straight away but let them explain, then try to use your reason to communicate with theirs.